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Terms & Conditions of Sale

By opening an account with Noir, you acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions of sale.


For the benefit of all of our customers, there are strict requirements to become a Noir authorized Ecommerce partner, including a $25,000 annual minimum. Please contact your local territory manager for more information if you are an Ecommerce retailer. Customers found to be offering Noir products for sale through an Ecommerce channel without Noir’s authorization will be placed on hold, and no orders will be acknowledged or fulfilled until the account is brought into full compliance with Noir’s Ecommerce policy.


Prices are F.O.B. Gardena, CA and are subject to change without notice. Pricing can be obtained by registering on our website
By requesting a current price list from your local territory manager. Pricing is not available through the Noir office.

Additional Charges and Fees

Order Under Minimum Fee

$75.00 Under Minimum fee is applied to all individual orders below $350.00. To avoid the Under Minimum Fee, POs should be combined prior to submitting to Noir.

IMAP Policy

Customer will not advertise a sales price, or sell Authorized Noir Products at less than 8.7% off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) set by Noir as disclosed in the price list provided by Noir. To report any IMAP violations, please notify your local territory manager.

Website registration

Website registration is subject to territory manager approval. When the registration has been completed, please allow 72 hours for your local territory manager to connect with you. Once approved you will be able to:

See current pricing.
Submit POs as a “wish lists” to your territory manager.
Manage and maintain wish lists.

Order Acceptance and Confirmations

Customers must review all confirmations for errors. Noir cannot guarantee accommodating your request if errors are found after an order has been processed or shipped. Orders may incur additional or unspecified fees from the carrier or other businesses affected by the error (such as storage fees charged by your receiving warehouse, etc.).

Orders can be submitted using the following methods:
Submitting an order to the territory manager.

Submitting a wish list using Noir’s website to the territory manager.

Order Confirmations

Orders are confirmed by Noir only. Acknowledgements sent from the local territory manager or orders submitted through the Noir Website are not an order confirmation and do not guarantee product availability, inventory or lead times.


Backorder lead times are approximate, not guaranteed and subject to change.

For most out of stock items which are not in transit, lead times are approximately 16 – 18 weeks and, in some instances, may be 20 - 24 weeks or longer. Lead times are our best approximation based on the information we have at the time of confirming the order. We recommend you include deadline dates on each PO.

Ship Complete Policy

Any order that is submitted with the instructions to ship complete will be held until all items are in stock. On occasion, in stock” items on ship complete orders may be allocated to other orders, but should not affect the overall order ready date.

Orders that do not include ship complete instructions may be split at our discretion.


Modifications to an order must be submitted in writing prior to order processing. Changes to orders that have been submitted to the warehouse for processing will be assessed a 25% fee.


All sales are final.

In stock orders will be cancelled by Noir after 3 weeks due to non-payment and/or lack of written approval to ship.


Returns are by approval of Noir only.

  • Items must be returned in the original condition.
  • Restocking fee is 25%.
  • Noir will not reimburse for transportation costs or storage fees under any circumstances.

Special Orders

Large quantity orders, above our normal inventory, will constitute a Special Order.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before production begins on all special orders. Lead times may vary depending on the quantity or item ordered.

Please contact your territory manager for additional details.


The payment method must be specified on and submitted with each order. Payment is not collected until an order is fully in stock, excluding special order deposits. Orders must be paid in full to be submitted for warehouse processing.

Accepted forms of payment:
Credit cards:

MC, Visa, AMEX – submitted on a Noir authorization form, with option to be kept on file or submitted with each order.


Make checks payable to:

Noir Trading

14500 S. Broadway

Gardena, CA 90248

ACH – wire transfers:

Please contact your local territory manager for payment instructions.

* Third party checks and credit cards are not accepted.

Retailers and Designers: DO NOT submit your customer’s credit card information. Credit cards must belong to the customer named as the “bill-to” party on the Purchase Order. Likewise, checks must also belong to the customer named as the “bill-to” party on the Purchase order.



We do not currently produce commercial grade products, commonly referred to as contract furniture.  However, Noir manufactures some hospitality-friendly products that have been placed in many public space design projects. For a complete list of hospitality items, please visit the Hospitality Tab on our website and contact your territory manager for further guidance on your project needs.


Warehouse Processing Time – Order Preparation

Standard order preparation time begins after payment has been received and is approximately 7-10 business days. We do not offer expedited service.

Methods of Shipping
Business to Business, White Glove, FedEx and Will Call
  • Carriers are 3rd party and not affiliated with Noir Furniture.
  • Noir Trading is not responsible for damages and does not reimburse freight costs under any circumstances.
  • Freight is collected from you by the carrier. It is critically important that the freight carrier is able to reach you once your order has been picked up from Noir, and that you pay the carrier in a timely manner. Failure to do so will delay your shipment.

B2B Delivery

The 3rd party carriers require all delivery locations meet the following criteria:

  • Commercial address and surrounding area must be accessible for a 53 ft trailer.
  • Loading Dock – 48” or higher
  • Staffed dock – the carrier is transport only. The driver is not responsible for unloading. The client-appointed receiving agent is required to offload. Delivery to unstaffed locations is not allowed by either approved carrier. In the event that any issue should arise during or after delivery to an unstaffed location, Noir will not provide any assistance whatsoever with respect to any sort of claim.
  • Carrier business hours: Monday-Friday 8am -5pm

*Failure to meet the carrier’s delivery location requirements may result in the shipment being routed to the carrier’s 3rd party location or being returned to Noir. Additional fees may be assessed at the carrier’s discretion.

Blanket Wrapped - Receiving instructions

  • Items must be inspected while the carrier is present.
  • Items must be inspected while the carrier is present.
  • Items damaged beyond repair should be refused at the time of delivery and reported to your local territory manager.

Boxed or crated items - Receiving Instructions

  • Boxed, crated or concealed items must be inspected and the damage reported within 48 hours of receipt. Claims will not be honored on damages reported to Noir more than 2 business days after receipt.
  • External damage to the box or crate must be noted on the carrier POD.

White Glove Delivery

American West White Glove Delivery rates include:

  • A scheduled appointment – 4-hour delivery window during standard hours of operation. (Cancellation of appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance.)
  • Two-person delivery team, when necessary.
  • Item(s) delivered inside the home and placed in the room of choice.*
  • Item(s) delivered to main and/or second level (up or down).*
  • Item(s) unpacked and packaging debris removed.
  • Any single item less than 300 pounds.
  • 30 minutes of light assembly in the home.

Additional fees may be assessed if the delivery requires more service than what’s outlined by the carrier above.

Per the carrier, due to site-specific issues, the accessibility of the location or other factors, the delivery team may deem a location unsafe and therefore opt to deliver the item(s) at the threshold. Normal white glove delivery rates will apply.

White Glove Delivery - Receiving instructions
  • Items must be inspected and any damage noted on the carrier POD while the driver is present. Damage found after the carrier has completed the delivery becomes the responsibility of the receiving party.
  • Items damaged beyond repair or when an item cannot be repaired at the delivery location should be refused at the time of delivery.
  • If a damaged item is accepted, the client may be responsible for any subsequent retrieval costs.
  • Noir Trading is not responsible for freight damage.

Will Call

All will call pick up dates must be coordinated and confirmed with Noir. Please allow 7-10 business days after payment for warehouse processing.

Will Call Checklist:

• The Noir Will Call dock is 48” + high, standard freight trucks are recommended.
• Drivers are required to load all items.
• Blankets are required – items are not packaged. The carrier must provide furniture blankets, Noir does not provide these.
• Drivers must have the PO number(s) or Noir’s Sales Order number(s) and the bill-to client’s name for all orders being picked up or risk being turned away.
• Drivers must inspect items prior to loading. Noir is not responsible for damage found after items have left the Will Call Dock.

Will Call address and hours:
Noir Trading
234 W. 146th Street
Gardena, CA 90248
Dock hours
8:30am - 4:30pm Monday – Friday (except holidays)
12:00 – 12:30pm Closed for lunch

Crating Fees:

For an additional fee we offer custom crating. Because crating is an added service, please add 3-5 business days to warehouse processing time. Crating fees are calculated based on the merchandise value.
The rates are as follows:
Merchandise value < $1000: Crating charge = $150.00
Merchandise value $1000 - $5000: Crating charge = 15% of merchandise value
Merchandise value > $5000: Crating charge = 10% of merchandise value.

International Shipping

We can assist with freight quotes for shipments to Canada, but client must provide their Customs broker information. For all other countries, orders will be shipped to client’s freight forwarder located within the continental United States; client shall be responsible for all international shipping arrangements.
Crating is required for all international shipments. Crating charges will apply, see Crate Fees.


Noir Trading warrants its products against defects in materials or workmanship for one (1) year. Any modification, misuse, or use of unapproved cleaners to the product voids the warranty.


Claims are not reported to Noir by the carrier. Clients are responsible for reporting any issues to the shipping carrier or to Noir, as applicable.

To begin a claim, forward a completed claim form, with photos detailing the issue to your local territory manager. If the claim is deemed valid, the territory manager will submit the information to Noir. Claim forms with instructions are available on Terms section on the Noir website. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

Claim Guidelines

The carrier is solely responsible for freight damage.
Claims will not be honored for damages not noted on the carrier POD.
If the client organizes their own carrier, the carrier accepts responsibility for all transit damage, concealed or otherwise.

• Local territory managers are the liaison between the client and Noir. Please submit a completed claim form to your local territory manager, with accompanying photos illustrating the damage. We require 1 overall and 2 detail photos for each claimed item.
• Concealed damage must be reported within 48 hours.
• Claims for defects of materials or craftsmanship are allowed for up to one year from date of purchase.
• Claims for general misuse will not be honored - see recommended Cleaning and Care Instructions below.
• Replacements are shipped to, and retrievals are made from the original address only. If a new shipping location is selected, standard shipping rates will apply.
• Freight, storage and receiving fees will not be refunded by Noir or the carrier under any circumstances.
• Noir is not responsible for disposal fees.


All repair costs must be approved by Noir before proceeding with the work. Any unapproved repair costs will not be reimbursed.

Product Characteristics

Noir is a handmade line. It is normal for items to vary in dimension, finish and distressing. When items are being placed together, we recommend ordering and shipping items at the same time. We cannot guarantee that units of the same item ordered at different times will match.

Product characteristics may include:
• Wood items may include knots, gouges or nail holes.
• Metal items may have welding marks and variations in tone and luster.
• Stone color, pattern, texture or veining may differ.
• Fabrics are hand woven and therefore tie-off knots are intrinsic to the design.

*For finish and fabric examples, please see Fabrics and Finishes Tab on the Noir website or samples may be ordered from your local territory manager.

Samples and Photographs

Photographs and samples are a close approximation of color and texture. Finishes may vary, sometimes significantly. Samples can be requested from your local territory manager.


Most items are lightly sealed or waxed to highlight the natural character and to allow for aging. To minimize the normal wear on your Noir product, placemats and coasters are recommended. Items that are not sealed can absorb and stain or rust when exposed to moisture. Depending on the frequency of use, some items may require resealing. Consult with a local furniture professional prior to repairing or resealing any item.

Wood – (except WEA finish)

Clean with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasives, chemical cleaners or furniture polish to maintain or clean the item. Using any cleaner other than water may reduce the lifespan of the sealant and may result in cracking, lifting or the discoloration of the stain or finish.

Wood – (WEA finish)

Lightly dust with a dry, soft cloth.


Clean with damp cloth. Using abrasives or chemical cleaning agents may result in the deterioration of the sealer, resulting in oxidation or rust.


Clean with a damp soft cloth. Some stone is more absorbent and may stain more than others. Use of abrasives or chemical cleaners may result in surface scratching.

Tanned Leather

Leather can be cleaned using most leather cleaners.
Selecting a leather cleaner:
Prior to cleaning, apply a small amount to a hidden area on the item. If the item retains the original color, the cleaner can be used. If not, discontinue use.

Raw Leather

Do not clean. Liquids will absorb and permanently stain the leather. Depending to the frequency of use and local conditions, untreated leather will absorb oils, creating a rich patina.


Fabrics are not treated with stain resistant chemicals. Applying protective chemicals may result in discoloration of the fabric. When a spill occurs, blot the affected area with a damp cloth.


Do not place hot items directly on the surface, use coasters or placemats. Clean with standard glass cleaner.

Fiber Cement

Clean with damp cloth only. Water used in excess may stain the material.