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For nearly two decades, NOIR Trading has designed and built design driven home furnishing for the design trade. Joining business partner Stephanie Lu in 2004, Swiss born co-owner, and exclusive designer, Georg Bahler drafts each piece, by hand, taking pencil to paper to build a hand-crafted collection of over 1,200, ever evolving items of furniture, lighting, accessories, and wall décor. Taking inspiration from his European upbringing, art and furniture history, music, fashion, popular culture, and the marvels of mother nature, his vision is at once broad, but focused on a singular goal to bring uncommon style and something unique to the home industry.
Our hallmarks include generous use of raw materials and solid woods when possible, designs driven by distinctive decades, unapologetically bold and forward thinking designs, experimentation, and use of atypical materials. Georg pairs his designs with our craftspeople and factories whose talents and abilities are best matched to bringing our items to life.
Our standout designs surprise and inspire, speaking not just to functionality, but to our dreams and imagination and to the universal language of curiosity. Join us on our continuing journey to create distinctive and quality, small production home furnishings that will be become treasured heirlooms of the future.

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